Frequently Asked Questions for SCUBA Diving

What is SCUBA Dive?

Scuba Dive means the world undersea. Diver uses a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is called Scuba Diving which is helpful for underwater diving. We are unable to breath underwater but with the help of SCUBA gear we can spend limited amount of time underwater.


Is it dangerous to SCUBA Dive?

Scuba Dive is not dangerous at all. It is adventurous sport so there is some risk also. But if you dive with safety guideline, proper training uses proper gear then it is not dangerous.


Where is the best place to do SCUBA Dive in Goa?

Grande Island and Malvan is the best place to scuba dive in Goa. Malvan is at Maharashtra border and it has a good visibility in compare of Grande Island. There are more corals and variety of fishes you can see at Malvan.


What is Scuba Diving Gear?

A mask which gives you clear vision underwater, Scuba regulator and tank provides you air, Fins helps you in swim properly, and a wetsuit to helps you to stay warm. These are the necessary equipment for Scuba Diving.


Is Goa a good place for Scuba Diving?

Yes, Goa is not only good but best place to do Scuba Dive if you are diving for the first time or a regular diver you enjoy Scuba Dive here. There are many places in Goa where you can try Scuba Dive.


What can you see when you Scuba Diving in Goa?

You can see Corals, Fishes and many more marine life if you diving in Goa.


How much it costs to do Scuba Dive in Goa?

There are many packages of Scuba diving in Goa. It starts from 2000 – 10000. You have to choose your package according to your requirements.


When is the best time to do Scuba Dive in Goa?

October – May is the best time to scuba in Goa. During the monsoon you can’t do Scuba because of low visibility and safety purpose. Except monsoon you can Scuba Dive in Goa.


Can non-swimmers do Scuba Dive in Goa?

Yes, non-swimmers also can do Scuba Dive in Goa with all safety. There is no necessity of swimming for Scuba.


Do I need to book in advance in Goa?

Scuba is the most favorite activities in Goa and it is famous in tourist. So, if you book in advance then you get confirm your dive. In a pick season it is advisable to book in advance.


Is there any age limit for Scuba Diving?

Above 10 years of age any people can do scuba diving. Pregnant woman and asthama patient can’t do scuba except that there is no bar any age.






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